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Today was another one of those special days at Fenway Park.  Kevin Youkilis ripped a triple to right center field.  Nick Punto is called on to pinch run.  And in the words of the TBS announcers broadcasting the game, it almost seemed like the fans knew something that they didn't.  Slowly the roar built up until it was deafening.  Everyone at Fenway Park was on their feet applauding Youkilis for his effort to get into third base and willingness to get dirty.  

Outside of the Red Sox first base dugout was Dustin Pedroia, who hugged Youkilis with everything had.  So too did the rest of the players.  And reluctantly, Youkilis came up the steps to be awknowledged once again by the Fenway Faithful.  And that is how the Kevin Youkilis Era ended and the Will Middlebrooks Era began.

Kevin Youkilis gave his heart, soul, and body to the Boston Red Sox and their fans for nine seasons, two in which ended with World Championships.  His statistics speak for themselves, as he has been one of the most consistent, productive hitters in Major League baseball over that time.  But the Youkah is much more than a gameday statline.  His intensity, his effort, and his passion inspired many of his teammates over the years and Red Sox fans everywhere appreciated him for it.  When my family went to a game at Fenway, my mother asked why everyone was booing the guy at bat, to which I explained that they were saying "Youk" and that it was out of appreciation for what he does everyday for the Red Sox.

Youkilis has been completely professional about this entire process.  His mentorship of his successor Will Middlebrooks will likely be a last gift that he has left for the organization.  Middlebrooks has a bright future ahead of him manning the hot corner on a regular basis for the Red Sox hopefully turning out a longlasting, successful career like his predessor.

Kevin Youkilis went out with a bang, and most importantly, just like in many of the games he played for the Red Sox, a win.  The Red Sox will certainly miss Youkilis and all that he brought to the table, but will also take comfort in knowing that the hot corner will be in good hands.  As a longtime Red Sox fan, Youk, I appreciate everything you did throughout your career, specifically your toughness and passion for the game.  Good Luck.  And for the last time as a Red Sox, but certainly not the last time ever:

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Greg McElroy

This kid is really smart.  And obviously was going to do well on the wonderlic test.  Regardless of its relevance its kinda impressive.  He's a Rhode Scholar.  Besides his impressive performance on this test, this kid is a winner and if I was a team that did not have immediate QB needs, I would take him, sign him, and develop him over the next couple of years and make a smooth transition.  You can teach guys to throw better, better fundamentals, etc, but what you cant teach is winning.  Its an intangible that Colt McCoy.  He is not the best talent out there but he is a winner and that is crucial to have in the NFL.

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Posted on: December 18, 2010 11:55 pm

Red Sox and Yankees

Why do people say the Yankees and Red Sox stack their teams and complain about it.  Why punish them for their success.  Why punish them for having a great organization that has worked hard to create a fan base.  If you had the money then you would do the same thing that they have done.  It is unfair to hate them because they are the best of breed.  Instead of hating them maybe learn from them and then have your team's managment learn from them and then you'll have a good team too
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Manager of the Year

I really think that Manager of the year for 2010 is going to be an interesting race.  In the NL you have a host of candidates.  Bud Black in San Diego, Dusty Baker in Cinncinnati, and of course, in his final season managing the Atlanta Braves, Bobby Cox.  In the AL there is Terry Francona with the Red Sox, Joe Maddon with the Rays, Girardi with the Yanks and Ron Washington with the Rangers.  I cant remember a MOY year with so many great candidates. 

Black has done an impressive job getting the Padres from a laughing stock to a successful team, a team that has been doubted all year, a team that has yet to fall apart like many thought they would.  Baker, in my opinion has always been a great manager.  I think what the Cubs did to him was flat out ridiculous and to see him succeeding and taking it to the cubs like this is great to see.  The Reds are young and very talented and Baker has done everything right to maximize their talent.  Many thought they would fall apart as well, but down the stretch, here they are with a nice lead.  Of course Cox is definitely a candidate.  Cox has his team ready to go to the world series to give him a proper send off.  I give it to cox more for the past and as a proper send off.

Francona has had to deal with an assortment of key injuries that no manager has faced in awhile.  He has his team sort of contending in the best division in baseball.  If they make the playoffs, he is easily the winner.  Girardi has done his thing along with Maddon, they are only on the list because of their records.  Ron washington has done a great job with the Rangers, as they are one of teh best teams in baseball.  He has recieved a great deal of help from Nolan Ryan, but he has this team headed to the playoffs even amid the selling team. I give it to francona tho because of all the adversity he has faced and how successful his team has been without some of baseballs biggest names. 
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Cavs Owner

In case you havent heard, Lebron is going to the Heat and Cleveland is pissed.  Rightfully so.  No one seems more publicly upset than Cavs owner, who posted a pointed letter to the fans.  Part of what he said is very true.  This whole show thing is very narcisistic and egotistical.  However, it would have been better to see some class, some respect from the Cavs owner instead of this letter.  Also the guarentee is probably not going to happen either.  Lebron meant alot to the Cavs, maybe more than any one athlete has ever, so it is understandable that the people of Cleveland are upset but burning jerseys and writing nasty letters is not the way to thank Lebron for 7 years of loyal and amazing service/. 

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